What is it worth to be Honestly Happy?

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“Shelly has guided me back home to myself.  I’ve learned more valuable and usable tools to help me through life by working with Shelly than I learned in 10 years of private one on one therapy.  Thank you Shelly, I finally have my life back!” –  Client, M.B. Colorado

Life is full of challenges.   There are relationship struggles, financial pressures, tragedies, spiritual questions, disappointments, health issues, work issues, parenting uncertainties, fears about the future and the worry that keeps you up at night.

Why is it that some people are happier than others? 

How do you become happy?   How do you make good decisions, increase self-confidence, live passionately, love deeply,  step out in unbridled faith and obtain peace of mind during times of uncertainty?

Life Coaching with Shelly will move you from the tipping point.    You will learn no-fail strategies to overcome the issues at hand.

Coaching with Shelly will help you separate worries from facts.    You will quickly become clear on the issues by learning how your thoughts drive everything you do and feel.  In a short amount of time, you will begin to rise above the events around you and become content in the things you can control.

The best part of working with Shelly is that you will walk away with tools to repeat the same process of finding solutions to any challenge that may come your way down the road.

Happiness is not by chance

It is a learned skill, applied in real-time

Driven by choices

Protected by boundaries

Achieved by discipline

Directed by goals

Derived through values

-Shelly Archuleta-